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Do you want to learn how to be better at reading journal articles? Do you enjoy research and want to learn more about how nurses play a part in research? Are you looking to have enriching and fun discussions with other nursing students? Well, we will be doing just that at our journal clubs! 

The CNSA Nursing Science Committee is introducing its first monthly journal club. The first topic is - “Treatments for COVID-19” - and the meeting will be held on March 6th at 6 PM. Special guest speaker, Jennifer Suhd-Brondstatter, BSN, MAEd, RN, PHN, CCRN, who is an Infection Prevention Coordinator at UC Davis will be joining us for our first journal club. Look forward to more special guest speakers joining us in our future journal clubs!

At the beginning of each journal club, we will be having a short educational portion on research literacy. For the remainder of the meeting, we will be reviewing and discussing an assigned journal article with other members of the club and break down each portion of the article piece-by-piece. By doing so, we hope to accomplish our goal of “promoting science literacy among nursing students, encourage discussions about current topics in nursing science, and promote the image of nurses as scientists.”

For those who attend four of our monthly journal clubs, you will be automatically entered into receiving an awesome raffle prize giveaway (more details to be announced)!

Here are the details of the first article of our journal club:

Article title: Treatment for COVID-19: an overview

Published by: European Journal of Pharmacology on December 15, 2020

Authors: Cristina Stasi, Silvia Fallani, Fabio Voller, and Caterina Silvestri

In order to be an active participant in our journal clubs, we ask that you come prepared by doing the following:

1)    Read the article “Treatment for COVID-19: An overview” by clicking this link.

2)    Register for the journal club Here!

3) Be prepared to share your thoughts, ideas, and have fun during this engaging and interactive meeting!

4)    Optional: If you are unfamiliar with research articles or want to brush up on how to read them, click the link below to get access to some helpful resources.


Journal Clubs hosted by the Nursing Science Committee - COVID-19 edition

March 6th at 6pm

Journal Club Articles

Treatment for COVID-19

Helpful Resources

A Rough Guide to Types of Scientific Evidence

Framework for How to Read and Critique a Research Study

How to Read a Scientific Paper

Reading and critiquing a research article

How to Make Research Easy (& Even Enjoyable)

"How to Read a Scientific Paper" and "Case Study: Reading a Plant Physiology article"