Helping Nursing Students Through the Tough Times

Flo’s Cookie Jar provides one-time emergency grants-in-aid to California prelicensure nursing students who face financial crises that may cause them to drop out of school. The grant program is named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, who pioneered evidence-based improvements to provide safer nursing care, particularly advocating for the maintenance of sanitary conditions and the practice of hand hygiene during patient care.

A grant from Flo’s Cookie Jar is something that can help a student continue their education, and is something that they will remember forever.

Our goal is to support all who are in need.

Developed by a group of experienced nurse leaders and educators, Flo's Cookie Jar provides up to $2,000 for:

1. Personal and educational emergencies that would cause the student to leave school.

2. Professional supplies, such as uniforms and equipment, that exceed the first-semester student's ability to pay. 

To Apply:

If you are nursing student, Click Here to apply for a Flo's Cookie Jar Grant.

Please note: Flo's Cookie Jar grants cannot be used for nursing school tuition or normal everyday expenses. 


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and supporting our nursing students. Perhaps contributing an entire $2,000 grant and changing a student’s life. Your philanthropy will be truly appreciated.  We will recognize donations of $100 and more, with your permission, on our website and in other electronic communication. 

Donations made to Flo's Cookie Jar go to the Foundation of the California Nursing Students’ Association, a 501(c)(3) organization, and are tax deductible. Tax ID: 68-0041824

To Donate:

Click Here to be directed to our PayPal Donation page.  You may also send payment to:

Foundation of the California Nursing Students’ Association
c/o Flo’s Cookie Jar
1721 Eastern Avenue, Suite 19
Sacramento, CA  95864