Flos Cookie Jar

Flos Cookie Jar (named after Florence Nightingale), provides one-time emergency grants-in-aid to California prelicensure nursing students up to $2,000 who face financial crises that cause them to drop out of school. Flo's also focuses on fostering a diverse RN workforce to better serve California communities.

Developed by a group of experienced nurse leaders and educators, Flo's Cookie Jar provides up to $2,000 for:

1. Personal and educational emergencies that would cause the student to leave school.

2. Professional supplies, such as uniforms and equipment, that exceed the first-semester student's ability to pay. 

3. Flo's Cookie Jar grant cannot be used for nursing school tuition or normal everyday expenses.

Donations made to Flo's Cookie Jar go into California Nursing Student Association Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, and are tax deductible.