California Nursing Students' Association is a statewide community advancing the transition of the student to professional nurse through leadership development, education, mentorship, advocacy, activism, and stewardship.



We promote the professional and positive image of nursing in all media relations, public presentations, and publications. We uphold the image and standards of nursing practice in all activities, according to the Code and Ethical Student Conduct, and the NSNA Code of Academic and Clinical Conduct. We consult and collaborate with the Association of California Nurse Leaders and the American Nurses Association California. We provide resources that allow students to research and follow through on advocating their education. We recognize the importance of communication with members by viewing all options as valid and relevant, and by responding in a timely manner. 


We acknowledge the importance educating students in safety, competence, and technology. We encourage involvement with faculty by keeping the professional community aware of students' needs. We educate students through breakout sessions on topics not in curriculum. We recognize nursing as an evolving and we encourage learning through the span of the nurse's career.


We provide members with opportunities for mentorship and collaboration with nurse leaders. We encourage peer-to-peer nursing students mentoring.

We provide opportunities for our members to network with peers, future and current nurse leaders at the international, national, state, college/university, and community levels.


We prepare members for leadership roles and opportunities in both Professional and Specialty Associations in the workplace and the community. We enhance members' communication and public speaking skills. We encourage members to develop independence, follow-through and delegation skills.


We are committed to acting as stewards of CNSA's resources. We strive to maintain financial stability while promoting growth of the organization as a whole through active research of responsible financial opportunities, careful conservation of current resources when appropriate, and collaboration as a Board of Directors in financial decisions for CNSA. We foster the growth of our membership by enhancing the nursing school experience for the individual member through active participation in the constituency. We honor our responsibility as members by maintaining a viable organization and a vital voice in the community of nursing students with proactive involvement in the salient issues faced by nursing students.

Advocacy & Activism:

We believe that student nurses should be acculturated into the role of patient advocate; as such we encourage student activism. We generate greater appreciation in members regarding advocacy and activism by educating them about the finite quality of healthcare resources and the importance of equitable distributor of those resources. We go to extraordinary lengths to involve our members in the politics of healthcare, providing them with access to information, as well as instruction from some of the most prominent nurse leaders in the nation. We strive to create an environment of learning and involvement amongst our members at a local, statewide, national and international level. Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all our member and the auspices of those that guide CNSA.