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Community Health Resources
These resources are designed to help you create awareness and promote health in your community; they include toolkits for monthly health observances and other valuable documents.

Breakthrough To Nursing - Success Stories

Established in 1965, the mission of the Breakthrough to Nursing (BTN) project is to organize, represent, and mentor students preparing for initial licensure s registered nurses, as well as those nurses enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs, in becoming practitioners sensitive to the cultural diversity that exists in our society. The project promotes the development of the skills needed to be responsible, accountable members of the nursing profession who respect the differences and similarities between people, advocates high quality care, utilizing the principles of transcultural nursing, and facilitates and development of peer support system, which enhance recruitment and retention within the nursing profession.

Educational Resources

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Career Success Books

Surviving & Thriving: Your 1st Job as an RN

By Brenda Brozek, MAOL, RN and Patricia McFarland, MS, RN, FAAN

Surviving and Thriving! Your 1st Job as an RN is designed to help new graduate RNs and nursing students effectively transition to their new roles as RNs. This informative, easy to read book provides practical information vital to success in the health care workplace.


National Student Nurses' Association
With a membership of 60,000 nationwide, the National Student Nurses' Association mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance.


Association of California Nurse Leaders
ACNL is the professional organization for nurse leaders in California! ACNL develops nurse leaders, advances professional practice, influences health policy and promotes quality health care and patient safety throughout our state.

CA Action Coalition

The California Action Coalition serves as the driving force for the implementation of the IOM report recommendations in the state. Recognizing the important work already underway in California and with a goal of long-term sustainable change, the California Action Coalition leads the way to improve the health of the population. Workgroups are fully established for each of the eight recommendations and each workgroup identified immediate goals on which they will focus in the coming year.