Run for CNSA Office

Dear CNSA Member and Prospective Candidate:

The Nominations Packet contains information on the general responsibilities of all members of the CNSA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, as well as descriptions of each available position. Please refer to the CNSA policies regarding Nominations, Candidacy, Elections and Campaigns; all are enclosed.

When you are ready to declare your candidacy, please complete, sign, and submit both the (1) Application For State Board Elected Positions, and (2) Elected Position’s Willingness to Serve document, which are included in this packet. It is important that you read and understand the CNSA bylaws before submitting your Willingness to Serve document; the complete CNSA bylaws are available on the website at In addition, please be prepared to attend a board meeting and photography event on the day that you are elected.

Being involved in CNSA has provided me with many opportunities to grow and develop into a more professional future-nurse-leader. The experiences that you are exposed to within the field of nursing, as well as the people you meet will give you invaluable insight into yourself, as a person, professional and leader.


Deadline: September 27, 2017
E-mail applications and letters of recommendation to: and


Download the 2017 CNSA Nominations Packet

Be a leader! CNSA needs you! (video)