Membership North Committee

CNSA Bylaws- Article XI., Section 4. Functions

Committees shall review existing committee policies and submit any revised policies and procedures annually to the Board of Directors.

The Membership North Committee shall: 
1.      Prepare and disseminate information regarding the annual Membership North Convention.
2.      Assist with planning and preparation for the CNSA Membership North Convention.


Committee Director


Janet Linn, 2016-2017, Membership Director North


Committee Members

Conrad DeLmundo, Fresno State, Graduation: December 2018
Krystal Wong, CSU Sacramento, Graduation: May 2018
Kristne Ngo, CSU Sacramento, Graduation: May 2018
Eva Tan, CSU Sacramento, Graduation: May 2018
Karen Howland, CSU Sacramento, Graduation: December 2018
Aekta Patell, San Jose State University, Graduation: December 2018
Ashley Johnson, CSUEB-Concord, Graduation: December 2017


How to Join Committee

Submit your name, school name, anticipated date of graduation, and CNSA/NSNA membership number to