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Flo's Cookie Jar provides emergency grants-in-aid to pre-licensure RN students facing a one-time need that otherwise would force them to leave school. Developed by a group of experienced nurse leaders and educators, Flo's Cookie Jar is uniquely structured to provide two types of emergency grants-in-aid, not to exceed $2,000:

- Paying the bill for a one-time personal or family emergency that could otherwise cause the student to leave school.
- Helping a low-income first-semester student cover the costs of starting the RN program - textbooks, lab costs, uniforms and equipment fees that are more than they anticipated.
- Flo's Cookie Jar grants cannot be used to pay nursing school tuition or normal everyday expenses. 

Flo's Cookie Jar grants do not require mounds of paperwork. The emphasis is on responding as quickly as possible to the emergency. With a complete application, an RN student in good standing can have a check in hand within two weeks if there is money in the Cookie Jar.

Complete application and mail to

2520 Venture Oaks Way #210
Sacramento, CA 95833

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