CPR Block Party Community Event and Fundraiser

Suggested Time Frame: 10 Hours

Goal Statement

            The goal of this event is to host Hands Only CPR Training at local college/university with local sponsors providing ≥$500 to train over 200 people.


            EduLife and Critical Care Training Center will partner with local CNSA Chapter(s) to host a CPR Block Party on a date/time mutually agreeable to all stakeholders.  The event will be hosted during campus hours to offer “free” Hands Only CPR Training to students, faculty, staff, and guests.  Prior to the event day, nursing students will secure local businesses to sponsor each table, watch training video on how to teach Hands Only CPR, review American Heart Association (AHA) article about ABC to CAB, acquire campus permission to host event, print/pay for marketing materials, and provide tables/chairs; Critical Care Training Center will provide logistics support and design of marketing materials.  On the event day, EduLife and Critical Care Training Center will provide mannequins, sanitary wipes, CPR instructor for quality control, CPR training completion cards, and project management support; nursing students will be briefed on how to teach Hands Only CPR, train public in Hands Only CPR, distribute CPR training completion cards, and help setup/cleanup tables/chairs/mannequins.


            At the completion of the event, the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss why individuals with CPR Training help provide a healthy and safe community environment.
  2. Teach Hands Only CPR to learners.
  3. Lead and organize a community service event with multiple agencies participating.


Event sponsors
Event marketing pamphlets
Event marketing posters
Hands Only CPR Training Card
Nursing Students (10 or more)

Event Procedures/Timelines

1.  Discuss at a chapter meeting or with faculty advisor to determine best dates/times that fit your nursing school schedule.  Create blocks of time for nursing students to volunteer.  The time blocks should be feasible for students to have coverage at all tables.  CPR Awareness Week is during the first week of June.  This community service/fundraiser may be hosted on any day/time of the year.

2.  Contact EduLife/Critical Care Training Center to find several mutually agreeable dates/times.

3.  Submit forms to your college/university to acquire permission and reserve space, tables, and chairs for the event.  This is a great time to ask your Associated Student Body for marketing/printing/food support funds.

4.  Upon confirmation of date, contact EduLife/Critical Care Training Center to confirm dates/times and ask them to design marketing materials for your local CPR Block Party.

5.  Start soliciting local businesses to sponsor CPR tables.

“Hi my name is ______________, I am a nursing student at ______________.  We are attempting to host a CPR Hands Only training day on ___________, and we need sponsors for each table.  We are requesting $100-$500 donation to support each table.  On the day of the event, we’ll have a certified CPR instructor on site with trained nursing students.  The public will be educated on Hands Only CPR and requested to demonstrate competency on mannequins.  Each person deemed competent will receive a Hands Only CPR competency card.  Your donation will help increase survival rates, make a safer community, and build positive feelings towards your business.”

6.  Print marketing materials to advertise the training event to the community.

7.  Create a sign-up sheet for nursing students to volunteer at tables. 

8.  Assign reading of article from American Heart Association website about conversion from ABC to CAB to volunteers.  The public will ask questions about why the new recommendation was implemented.  Answers to these questions may be found in the article.

9.  One hour before the event have all volunteers meet at designated table to sign-in, review Hands Only CPR, acquire supplies (completion cards), and receive table assignment.

10.  Be creative with your efforts based on chapter size, network, and experience.  If you are able to cover multiple tables by acquiring healthcare students (MA, CNA, Respiratory Therapy) from other colleges, then do so.  Only your imagination and determination is your limitation to the scope and impact of the CPR Block Party.

*Steps 5-8 may be accomplished simultaneously or in any order.



If your Chapter is interested in hosting your own CPR Block Party, here is the Block Party flyer and Chapter Instructions for you to download.

For more information, go to http://cprblockparty.com or call (818) 766-1111.