Established in 1965, the mission of the Breakthrough to Nursing (BTN) project is to organize, 
represent, and mentor 
students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, as well as
those nurses enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs, in becoming practitioners sensitive
to the cultural diversity that exists in our society. The project promotes the development of the
skills needed to be responsible, accountable members of the nursing profession who respect the
differences and similarities between people, advocates high quality care, utilizing the principles of
transcultural nursing, and facilitates the development of peer support systems, which enhance
recruitment and retention within the nursing profession. 


Family Lab Night Project

Ian Morris
Long Beach City College

Mentor Program
Paola Molina
Santa Ana College



Boot Camp for Incoming Students
Marcelle Winkler
California State University, Stanislaus


Elementary School Health Camp Project
Andrea Aguilar
Sheenah DeMayo
California State University, Stanislaus

 Ashley Wiese

Girl Scout Nursing Exploration
Badge Event
Ashley Wiese
West Coast University, Ontario

Rizwan Mohammed
California State University, Sacramento
Also by Rizwan:
CSU Sacramento Mentorship Program


Sim Lab Demonstration for
High School Students
Cherry Brosas
California State University, East Bay