Andy YoungbloodAndy Youngblood
2016-2017 Vice President
California State University Fresno
Graduation: May 2017


Andrew Thadeus Schiavello-Youngblood is currently a 5th semester Fresno State Nursing student, a 3-year BSN program.  He has always been adventurous and goal-oriented.  He began his professional development by joining the United States Marine Corps upon graduation from Lemoore High School in 2006.  He was stationed at Camp Pendleton where he joined a special operations group, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion.  He served as a Recon Marine from 2006 to 2011.  He did two tours.  The first with the 13th Marines Expeditionary Unit in 2009, and the last, in 2010, an eight-hour flight to Afghanistan.  In 2011, he resigned from Recon as a Sergeant. 

 Mr. Youngblood returned to the San Joaquin Valley and began his prerequisite studies for Nursing at West Hills Community College.  He quickly progressed through his education, striving to reach his personal goals.  In 2014, he transferred to California State University, Fresno.  

He was inducted into his class Cohort '17 "Let it Go!!" as a Fresno State Student Nurse (FSSN).  Andrew's personal, leadership and professional growth completely took flight here.  In 2014, he took part in several community outreach projects and continues his service today at an outpatient geriatric gait and balance clinic with the Seniors Awareness Fall & Education (SAFE) as the SAFE coordinator.  In 2015, he joined Fresno State Chapter CNSA as the Legislative Director.  He created and published a legislative toolkit which taught healthcare professionals in contacting government officials for the state of California.  He assisted Fresno State CNSA launch Health on Wheels, a mobile health unit that meets the public and provides secondary preventative care.  In 2016, Andrew became the President of his school's CNSA chapter.  He continues his student and community involvement.     

Goals for 2016-2017: 

Hello fellow nursing students and all that came upon our members page!  Here are a few of my goals for this year and a general makeup of my character.

  • Ensure that all CNSA chapters Bylaw policies are up-to-date and current.
    •  I feel that policies should have clear language and is chapter-oriented, this gives a rock solid legitimacy.
  •  Assist the President in developing and executing goals for this years CNSA Board.
    • A team without goals is a team running in place.  CNSA and all chapters are going somewhere this year.
  •  Growth.  Personal.  Professional.  Health.  Clinician.  Education.  Care. 
    •  These are a few values I use to lead my life.  Principles, ethics and goals are the foundations of any successful entity.  This is what grows functional and progressing societies.

 Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your year.

"The greatest good for the greatest number"