Stephanie BottenStephanie Botten
2016-2017 Secretary/Treasurer
West Coast University
Graduation: January 2017


I am truly humbled to serve as your Secretary/Treasurer for the 2016-2017 term. My love for helping others has always been a driving force behind the decisions that guide my future. I decided that a career in nursing was a perfect fit for me while I was still in high school. It was then that I joined the Sports Medicine program and realized that my passion for people was matched by a love for science and physiology. I learned so much during my 4 years as a student trainer but I knew that I wanted to help people on a larger scale. It was my brother who found a CNA course for me and thought that I would love and excel in nursing. I had never thought about becoming a nurse prior to this, but after the first day of my clinical experience I knew that he was right. After high school, I began the BSN program at West Coast University, Los Angeles and I am proud and excited to announce that I will be graduating in January 2017.


Goals for 2016-2017:  Since I will be graduating fairly soon, my goal for this upcoming year is:

  • Offer the perspective of the transition of a nursing student into the role of a practicing RN.

  • I plan to continually promote a sense of teamwork and open communication that will allow your current board to have a positive and productive year.

Thank you for trusting in me to represent you this term, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me, or any of our team members, with any questions or concerns you may have.