Kyle NavarroKyle Navarro
2016-2017 President
California State University East Bay
Graduation: March 2017


Hello CNSA Constituents,

My name is Kyle Navarro and I am honored and humbled to be serving as your 2016-2017 CNSA State Board President. As of this writing I am currently a fifth-year student at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) - Hayward’s Nursing Program in my 7th of 8 quarters with an expected graduation/pinning date of March 2017.

Throughout the last five years I have had the honor of wearing many different leadership hats and garnered a well-rounded amount of leadership experience. Some of them include being the co-founder/co-president of the CSUEB Pre-Nursing Club, the president of the East Bay Student Nurses’ Association, and the vice president of CSUEB’s very own public health clinic: The Initiative for Community Wellness. In each of those roles I brought forward my own unique passion to create, innovate, and strive alongside these organizations and I fully intend to apply every ounce of experience I have been privileged to obtain with this role as CNSA President.

This is going to be an amazing year and it all starts with connecting with one another, let us all maintain an open line of communication so we can create an environment to continue fostering our fellow nursing student leaders!

If at any moment you have a question, would like to discuss an idea, or would like an ear that is willingness to listen please do not hesitate to contact me at

Goals for 2016-2017:

  • To be open and willing to hear any and all criticisms, areas of improvement, and positive feedbackCreate and maintain an email thread between local chapter presidents to facilitate open discussion for ideas, concerns, and inquiries
    • To respond to these queries within 48 hours of receiving them or within a mutually agreed upon period of time
    • Maintain and enhance the virtues of communication and interconnectivity established in prior years
      • Personally participate in and encourage my fellow State Board of Directors to attend – in-person or virtually – local chapter meetings to strengthen the level of communication at the local and state level
        • Highlight the accomplishments of local chapters more frequently on social media, the CNSA website, and at membership meetings
        • Provide chapters with easily accessible guides for virtual meetings and communication
  • To encourage and facilitate more inter-chapter CNSA events such as CNSA 2015-2016’s Save-a-Heart Day initiative or the Breakthrough to (Pre-)Nursing event
  • Become an active member of the National Student Nurses’ Association [NSNA] Council of State Presidents [COSP]
    • Disseminate information gained from participating in the COSP and NSNA activities through the aforementioned local chapter presidents email thread, social media, and the CNSA website.
    • Facilitate and encourage chapters in the creation of event toolkits to post on the CNSA website, social media, and other accessible online applications
      • Disseminate this information through the aforementioned channels
      • To work closely alongside the State Board of Directors as an advocate, facilitator, and resource for their individual projects
        • Ensure that all projects done by the individual committees are recorded in writing, can be accessible via the CNSA website, and disseminated through the aforementioned channels
        • To advocate for my fellow Board members’ committees and encourage nursing student leaders from various chapters to join their committees.